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We specialize in assisting the small and diverse business communities by improving their company’s capability, capacity, credibility and past performance 3CP² ™©.

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CFR’s Government Contracting Services

As a Small Business Veteran Advocacy company, we specialize in assisting the small and diverse business community in pursuing and winning government contracting opportunities.

Government Contract Consulting

The CFR & Associates services are tailored to support and empower your journey into the world of government contracting.

GSA Contract Consultants

Hiring a GSA contract consultant can save you time, money, effort and allow your business to effectively win a GSA contract and maintain it.

Certification Consultants

We can help you receive preference on government contracts by qualifying for certifications or registrations that activate certain preferences.

Capture Management Services

The art and the science of identifying opportunities and navigating the intricate web of processes to seize those opportunities.

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CFR’s Coaching For Results

Do you want an organization that is built to last? CFR’s business and executive coaching service will help your business, your leadership, and your career. We create and develop systems and processes that will assist you to build a great foundation for your business.

Business Coaching

A process of working with a business and its individual leaders to eliminate breakdowns that cost their company time, effort, energy and money.

Executive Coaching

We can help you in making critical decisions for the business and ensuring that the revenue exceeds the expenditure.

Business Services

CFR & Associates Business Services can assist you with, or develop for you, business plans, strategic plans, and other essential business tools.

CFR’s Selection & Retention of STAR Employees System

Is your company struggling to find and hire just the right employee: a Veteran employee in the economy? Then CFR’s Selection and Retention of Star Employee System can help you find and hire that right person.

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CFR’s Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values. That drives us and guides us to provide the kind of service we do.

CFR & Associates is a Proud Member of

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