Government Contracting Services

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About Our Services

As a govcon consulting firm, we specialize in assisting the small and diverse business community in pursuing and winning government contracting opportunities and building their business. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise across the services we provide to prepare companies to win contracts with government agencies and their prime contractors.

Our Team

We deliver the highest quality work across our many sectors. With over 150 hundred years of cumulative experience on our team, we value and understand the importance of relationships that comes from providing quality customer service.

What’s that mean for you?

When you choose CFR, you will have a trusted partner with proven best practices, knowledge, hands-on experience, quality customer service, and a team that looks forward to working with you to help you reach your business goals.

The video below is a sample of the knowledge and expertise we bring to your business.

Government Consulting Services

Capture Management Service

Large prime contractors are constantly struggling to achieve compliance with the ever-increasing complexities of meeting diverse business participation goals that owners are placing on projects. CFR specializes in assisting the large prime contractor to meet and exceed these goals and has a proven process designed to take the complexity out the utilization of diverse businesses.

Certifications & Registrations Service

Did you know? Pursuing and obtaining various small and diverse business certifications can help you receive preference with both the government and their government contractors. These certifications become terrific door openers for you to market and sell your business’s value proposition. Let CFR assist you in obtaining appropriate certifications and the most important registrations.

Government Contract Consulting

Did you know, if you are identified and certified in certain business categories, you can receive preference with certain government agencies? CFR can execute a complete marketing and business development plan for your business to pursue and win your first government contract or help you expand your business’s footprint into a new agency or government departments: that want to do business with you. Let CFR work with you to reach your goals.

GSA Services

CFR & Associates has a GSA focused service to help Veteran and Small Businesses successfully navigating what is a long and sometimes frustrating process to be awarded a GSA contract. We understand this and have the skills and expertise to help your business obtain a schedule. And more importantly, we can save your business money.