Certification Consultants

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Did you know that if you are a 51% owner of a Small Business, a diverse business, a veteran business, a woman owned business, a socioeconomically disadvantaged business, or a business located in a historically underutilized business zone that you can receive preference on government contracts by qualifying for certifications or registrations that activate this set aside or preference?

The government and all its agencies want to do business with small businesses, particularly if you have one of the certifications described above.

All of these have acronyms SDVOSB/DVBE, DBE/8(a), EDWOSB, WOSB/WBE, MBE, and Hub Zone and represent each category listed above.

CFR & Associates specializes in helping you better market your company to those government agencies by getting you certified in the area that you qualify for and fits your marketing plan. We understand that having a certification like one of these allows you a better opportunity to obtain public sector work. It also helps you with state, county, and local agency contractors that want to work with you.

Certifications & Registrations:

CFR specializes in certifying companies in the SDVOSB/DVBE (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) area and have developed relationships with many of the specialists from the government at both the state and federal levels.

CFR has also done many successful WBE/WOSB (Women Business Enterprise/Woman Owned Small Business) certifications. We have successfully completed three 8(a) certifications at the SBA federal government level and regularly certify companies as an SBE (Small Business Enterprise) with L A Metro, LAUSD, City of Los Angeles, Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California and SB with the federal government. We have successfully completed several DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) with LA Metro, or other Department of Transportation (DoT) organizations around the country and have even won one on appeal.

We have successfully performed over 200 certifications with less than 5 denials. Yes, that’s right, less than 5 denials with over 200 successful certification applications, a 97.5% success ratio.

What We Do….


  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
  • Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)
  • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE/8(a) )
  • Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)
  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Hub Zone


  • System for Award Management (SAM)
  • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax ID
  • Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (LABAVN)
  • SBA Small Business Dynamic Search Tool
  • Cal E Procure

Something Else… Are You Identified as a Small Business Enterprise?

Small Businesses are recognized and therefore capable of certifying as small if the owner is 51% or greater and controls the operations and management of the company. As such; the company can pursue a Small Business (SB) with the State of California and Federal government, and an SBE with the Counties and agencies who have reciprocity with the State of California.

Having these additional identifications can assist and create additional opportunities to qualify your company for opportunities to work with organizations such as LAWA, CALTRANS, LAUSD, METRO and other Prime contractor organizations.

We have proven experience in this area as well and can get you registered in the following other “xBE” identifications:

  • Small Business (SB)
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • Local Business Enterprise (LBE)
  • Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE)

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