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CFR & Associates Business Services can assist you with, or develop for you, some of the following business development tools:

  1. Business Plan
    This plan is developed for three principal reasons, in addition to providing an overall business plan for your company’s success. The first valuable use of this plan is to secure financing. The second is to provide a tool to share corporate vision and direction with the entire team, and the third is to grow your existing business.
  2. Strategic Plan
    A strategic plan includes but is not limited to, the development of specific strategies designed to focus company energy on the core competencies that the company was built around. Conversations in this area lead to developing a clear, concise, and eloquent description of the core business and what the value is for the end user. It also evaluates complimentary core competencies that can be developed upon successfully dominating the marketplace in the original core competency.
  3. Marketing Plan
    This tool provides an in-depth Marketing and SWOT Analysis to determine future strategies for growth and product development.
  4. Marketing Research
    Marketing research is the exploration of all government and state contracts that have been issued over a historical period but are still relevant in terms of scope of work and will most likely be recompeted or renewed. This research is conducted using North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes and the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPC) that provide an in depth look at what the State of California is buying and what the federal government is buying. Other states can be researched as well.
  5. Statement of Capability
    Statements of Capability (SOC) will generally be developed in either a one-page snapshot of your companies Capability, Capacity, Credibility and Past Performance or 3CP² ™©. Or, when necessary, a two pager will be developed to incorporate pictorial references. A longer version going into much greater depth is a SOQ, which is explained below.
  6. Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)
    This document allows the reader to see the full array of products, goods, and services provided by your company, as well as the past performance in providing those services or commodities. A thorough presentation is given regarding your company’s capability, capacity, and testimonies of past performance. The overall benefit of a good SOQ is branding, brand familiarity and for Capability Presentations.
  7. Firm Data Profile
    This document assists our clients by providing a comprehensive package that collects every pertinent, relevant, and vital piece of your corporate data needed for important financial presentations, registrations, or certifications while giving you easy access to this data.

FREE Consultation: Take advantage of a free half hour consultation to determine whether coaching or consulting will be of value to your organization. Most importantly, to identify potential areas of breakdown in your firm and establish strategies to eliminate them.

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