GSA Contract Consultants

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Are you looking for help getting started with GSA Schedule contracts? Do you need help preparing an effective proposal? Do you know what a GSA schedule is? Is your team struggling to manage the schedule now that you’ve been awarded a contract? Or perhaps you’re interested in government contracting but don’t know where to start. 

With help from an experienced GSA consultant, you will be able to successfully navigate through the GSA process and enable your business to more effectively win GSA contracts. 


What is a GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule, also known as the General Services Administration Schedule or Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), is a contracting vehicle used by the US federal government to procure a wide range of products, services, and solutions from commercial vendors. It is essentially a pre-negotiated long-term contract that simplifies and expedites the procurement process for both the government and vendors.

A GSA Schedule is a comprehensive list of pre-approved commercial products and services, categorized into specific Special Item Numbers (SINs), that government agencies can purchase directly from authorized vendors. These SINs represent different industries and offerings, ranging from IT services and professional consulting to construction and office supplies.

To obtain a GSA Schedule contract, vendors must undergo a rigorous application process and demonstrate that their products or services meet the government’s requirements and pricing standards. Once approved, vendors can list their offerings on the GSA Schedule, allowing government agencies to easily identify and purchase from them. This streamlines the procurement process, as it eliminates the need for lengthy negotiations and competitive bidding for each individual purchase.

For vendors, having a GSA Schedule contract can provide a significant advantage in selling to the federal government. It grants access to a large customer base and simplifies the sales process, allowing vendors to establish long-term relationships with government agencies. Additionally, GSA Schedules promote transparency and efficiency in government procurement, ensuring that agencies can access a wide range of quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our GSA Consultant Services

CFR & Associates put together our GSA-focused service that will help you, the Veteran and Small Businesses, to successfully navigate what is a long and sometimes frustrating process of being awarded a GSA contract.

The services offered to our clients as a comprehensive or individual package are:

  • GSA Consultation
  • GSA Application/Offer Procedure
  • Managing Schedule after award
  • A Complete GSA Contract Process

We understand that there is so much to do, in getting a GSA Contract, and we want to help you successfully complete this process and continue to support you after your award.

We do everything we can on your behalf, making the complex process of getting a GSA Contract as easy as possible for you.

The CFR & Associates GSA Consultation Process

Determine if a GSA Schedule is a good fit

Many small businesses may know that obtaining a GSA Schedule could bring more business opportunities for them. But what they may not know is that they could potentially lose more by pursuing a GSA Schedule. Determining whether a business is a good fit for GSA is just as important to CFR as it is to the business.

Using our method to collect those documents from your company is the first of many distinctions when working with us. Therefore, our clients enjoy a confusion-free start to getting a GSA Contract.

Although most regulations, terms & conditions are standard across all GSA Schedules, there are some special regulations & criteria unique to certain SINs (Special Item Numbers). Firms that fall under these special regulations & criteria need to be willing to meet GSA requirements, but some firms may not be ready to do so.

Our initial GSA consultation will identify firms that fall under special requirements and advise the firms to determine whether they are ready to pursue a GSA Schedule.

  • Research: During consultation market research will be initiated for each firm’s specific GSA Schedule and SIN(s) to give the firms an opportunity to analyze competition.
  • Assessment: Will be completed for each firm and generate a report based on information found during market research and given to prospective GSA clients.
  • Results: Find, download and read the solicitation’s general & special requirements that apply to specific SINs, and advise firm(s). This will help identify firms that may not be ready to pursue a GSA contract.

GSA Application/Offer Procedure:

After the firm has determined that they would like to pursue a GSA Schedule, then CFR will use the information gathered during GSA consultation process to initiate an offer.

  • Offer Preparation: Your GSA Offer documents will be prepared by a CFR GSA Specialists with the experience, to craft your Offer to serve your goals and reduce the chance of a rejection.
  • Offer Upload: The GSA eOffer system is not easy to navigate, so we will handle that on your behalf as well.
  • Clarifications: We interface with the GSA on your behalf and work to address any questions or issues they may have with the documents. This give, and take is a very normal part of the GSA process.
  • Negotiations/Award: You are in control of all final decisions, but we work to train you on how to navigate GSA negotiations and CFR will participate on the call. We also prepare the Final Proposal Revisions document on your behalf.
  • Final Proposal Revisions (FPR) /Award: Drafting of the Final Proposal Revisions (FPR) Letter and revision of GSA pricing documentation to reflect negotiated terms, conditions and discounting. Final signing of Award in eOffer system.

Managing Schedule After Award:

A GSA contract needs to be kept up-to-date to be most successful. In addition to CFR’s marketing & research services, CFR offers additional support in managing administrative changes to a GSA contract through e-Mod.

  • Report Review Support: Help manage e-Buy by reviewing new RFQ/RFPs.
  • GSA eMod: We will continue to communicate with the GSA Contracting Officer & e-Mod to update the current contract, obsolete items and add new line items and add new SIN(s).

Choose an Experienced GSA Contract Consulting Company

Hiring a GSA contract consultant can save you time, money, effort and allow your business to effectively win a GSA contract and maintain it. Experienced consultants understand the process in and out and can do everything on your behalf allowing you to reap the rewards without performing the overwhelming tasks. 

When choosing a GSA consultant to work with, ensure they have a track record of success.

Below is a sample of CFR & Associate’s CEO explaining how to stand out when bidding for government contracts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make more money with a GSA Schedule Contract?

Yes, for most businesses a GSA contract means increased profit with less risk. A GSA contract enables a business to sell to the federal government within a reduced pool of competition compared to traditional commercial contracts. It also allows for a shorter, more simple sales process and allows for better revenue forecasting. 

They can be complex and hard to navigate but are often worth it for most businesses that are awarded a GSA contract.  

Are we required to work with a consultant to get on the GSA schedule? 

No, you are not required to go through a third party to get on the GSA schedule or to maintain the schedule after your award. Hiring a consultant does allow you to save time, money and effort while improving your likelihood of being awarded a GSA contract.

How long does it take to get a GSA schedule contract?

According to the average time to obtain a GSA schedule contract is 3-6 months. The length of time can differ depending on the competition, the number of bids, and the contracting officer.

What is the process to get a GSA contract?

Obtaining a GSA contract can be a complicated process with many steps depending on what your organization has already done. Below, we have listed a simplified version of the process. 

  1. Determine eligibility requirements and readiness
  2. Register your business on
  3. Develop proposal
  4. Negotiate Terms
  5. Maintain Contract
CFR & Associates team

CFR & Associates provides consulting services that ensure comprehensive support for businesses that want to navigate the GSA and VA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Programs. We have a proven track record when it comes to helping small and veteran owned businesses wine new Schedule contracts.

We know the importance of a successful GSA Schedule contract. We offer a complete service to meet your needs, from initial consultation to contract management. Whether you are looking to obtain a new Schedule contract or need management assistance for your existing contract, our experienced consultants are here to provide the expertise and support you need to succeed.