Recommended Reading

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All the books written below have been chosen to help your business grow by developing core behaviors and values.

For leaders, many of the books will suggest the same possibility. We have attempted to create categories for you to choose the books you want to start with, to grow as a human being, a leader, or as the principal in your business.

A suggestion for you when you read a book is to create value beyond just the learning. Look for one point and then “Create an Action Item” for each book that you read and set a goal for when it will be achieved. If you really want to challenge yourself, pick up to five BHAGS (explained in the book Good to Great) for each book and set a time frame for when they will happen.

We have a direct link to Amazon so you can save even more by purchasing any book through our website. We encourage you to look around the Suggested Reading section in the store and click on one of the books. This will take you directly to Save with Books from Amazon where you can save almost 25% more than you can by going through Amazon direct. Give it a shot, shop for anything from this link. Select a recommended book from the links below.


Management and Business

Personal Growth and Core Values

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