Breaking Through in this Economy

Is there some bad news out there, heard any of it lately?

Do you believe it?

Do you have a choice? A change in attitude, would you agree that business is going to go on? That there is money to be made?

What if you project an attitude of gratitude?
Law of attraction

10 Strategies to attract new business and be strong in this economy. Is your company Built to Last?

1. Remember, we have a choice how you view this economy

2. Have a Plan – begin with the end in mind

3. Be passionate and excited about your business
Can your customers, clients, and employees experience your passion for your business

4. Revert to the Core Values
Core Values

5. Lock in on your Core Competency
Lock in on what your company does best, become the expert in it. Do it better than anybody else and set your company apart

6. Invest in your people/ employees

7. Develop a Niche Market – Zero in on your most likely customers

8. Be laser like focused on what you spend money on. Are your expenses building your business?

9. Be other focused, what can you do to help other businesses grow in this economy.
Developing Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

10. When faced with obstacles and barriers, be strong and committed to persevering in achieving the results you have set out to accomplish. Finish Strong