So, what is a BHAG? A big, hairy, audacious goal according to Jim Collins and Jerry Porras in a book they wrote called “Good to Great.” Or, as I describe it, it is a goal so big that everything has to change for it to become a possibility, of becoming the new reality. That is where it gets really good, because when we start changing, opening our eyes to new opportunities, then new opportunities become available to us.

However, the importance is far more than a goal. We have learned in working with over 150 companies and over 1,000 individuals as coaches that what human beings think about, dwell on, and spend the majority of their time “worrying” about that is what they become. For example, if we live circumstantially and we are in debt, and the majority of our time is spent thinking about debt, then we actually become even greater debtors. Think about it, if you concentrate on, spend most of your time thinking about how to make money then you will most likely make a lot of money. Same thing applies in the area of physical fitness. If you spend the majority of your time in the gym, eating right, drinking a lot of water, and all of the other great things you need to do to take care of your body, then most likely, you will have a healthy, strong and fit body.

When the BHAG becomes the primary objective or thing in our lives/ business lives that we think about, therefore it gets the majority and best of our emotional energy. And we mentioned how this applies in the money arena, look at Donald Trump. All he thinks about is money and he has literally gone from bankruptcy to billionaire twice. As our mind, body, thoughts and actions are getting the majority of the impulses we send regarding the BHAG, the actions we have towards the BHAG become more powerful, more effective and more synergistic.

So, in conclusion for this part of the blog, develop a BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOAL Post it on your mirror, use it as a desktop, have it in as many locations as you desire and most importantly, think on it everyday and watch what happens.