This is a Time for Businesses to Grow

This is the time for…How did you fill in the blank? I know how I filled it out. Now is the time for remarkable INCREASE in your Business. The opportunities are endless for companies looking to grow. It is time to take a stand against the constant negative rhetoric that is bombarding us at every corner in regards to our economy. You will not have to go far before someone says something along the lines of “with the economy the way it is…” or “we are just not able to do what we want to do especially because of the economy…”  or, just turn on the news for five minutes and your sure to be discouraged.

Though this may be true in most cases and the circumstances are definitely real, the way you accept this news and how you react to it are far more important than what is actually happening. How you think and look at your business in these times will have a dramatic effect on your future and the future of your business.

A powerful question to ask yourself is this, “Are you planning and preparing for increase?” That question can put many people on the defensive considering the pervasive negative tone among business professionals; but I challenge you to consider the study done by McGraw – Hill during the recession of 1981-82. It summarizes the INCREASE that companies experienced during those difficult years as they pressed forward with aggressive marketing strategies. Not just increasing during those years but increasing exponentially during the years following as well.

Consider this thought…What you think about your business will have a direct effect on how you feel about your business and how you feel about your business will have a direct effect on how you DO your business. My question to you is this, “What thoughts are dominating your thinking in relationship to your business?” The coaches at and affiliated with CFR and Associates believe that starting your business from a solid foundation of purpose, core values, mission and vision will position your company for remarkable INCREASE in the long term. Starting from this foundation allows for you as a business professional to declare your business as a business that will prosper and excel no matter what is going on around you.