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What is Business Coaching and how do you know if Business Coaching will work for you? Business Coaching is a process of working with a business and its individual leaders to eliminate breakdowns that cost their company time, effort, energy and money.

You know if business coaching is right for you if you desire to improve your leadership skills, eliminate breakdowns, develop effective teams, and grow your business. CFR addresses each of these areas by creating systems and processes that are causing breakdowns and disunity.

CFR & Associates, offers the business community a broad range of services to help them build their businesses. We develop processes for the business with the entrepreneur or business owner that allows them to increase the operational efficiency of the work of the business.

CFR ’s Services Will Help With:

  • Establishing a set of Core Values that permeate your organization regardless of the circumstances you are facing in your industry or economy.
  • Creating Purpose, Mission, and Vision Statements so that any future employee, clients, or customers understand the direction and foundational structure of the organization.
  • Creating an orientation process that matches prospective employees with the Core Values and additional processes to train, coach, mentor, and execute so that each employee is creating value in the organization.
  • Using a system and process development as a tool for client and customer support guaranteeing excellent results every time.
  • Continually refining systems and processes so that they stay current and results oriented as your business grows.
  • Create results that are so outstanding that clients and customers will continually come back to your company instead of your competitors.
  • Most importantly, open opportunities for the entire staff of the company to grow and shine in the organization.

In addition, the development of systems and processes for your business ultimately becomes a powerful marketing tool and therefore more business than you ever expected.

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