Capture Management Services

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Capture Management

Is a service we offer to large “Prime” contractors who have the difficult process of completing their large, small and diverse goals on major projects.

In recent years, many construction contractors have faced significant fines for non-compliance with minority participation goals contained within their construction contracts. Recently, several major contractors settled non-compliance cases for total payments in excess of $100 million to avoid debarment and criminal prosecution.

In today’s political environment, prime contractors must deal with the ever-increasing complexities of complying with the diverse minority participation goals, and many construction industry professionals are questioning whether these goals are truly obtainable and how to get it done.

Choose CFR

Even if your team chooses to hire a person to ensure compliance in meeting these goals, the learning curve and experience factors are critical to success. Therefore, many primes choose CFR to capture, vet, orient, train, coach, and mediate/mitigate contract compliance if necessary.

We have a successful track record in supporting Public, Private, Partnerships (P3’s) as they face goals of over 30% Small Business, Local Small Business, and DVBE participation on multi-billion-dollar projects. Choosing CFR exclusively for its innate and intrinsic ability to capture DVBE’s and other small businesses.

What We Do…

  • Specializes in helping large prime contractors achieve their sub-contracting plans.
  • Initiate our proven process of capturing firms who can execute the scope of work.
  • Works closely with their estimating teams and project managers who need the sub-contracting plans or goals met.
  • Support and/or create outreach processes and events.
  • Complete a thorough vetting of each contractor who they submit for the project.
  • Provide coaching and mitigation services to small and diverse contractors who have been awarded a contract.

“CFR & Associates was selected to assist our bidding team with business outreach and to conduct a relevant vetting process to create a resource of contract-ready firms eager to receive bid packages. William and his staff were enthusiastic, thorough and professional working with multiple team members at the same time in high pressure situations and provided valuable time-sensitive information for the bid process. CFR & Associates was a good strategic partner and we look forward to working with William again in the future.”
-Rebecca A Manning – Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.-

Capture Management Process

Capture Management is the process by which a firm like ours works directly with the estimating teams and/or project manager to identify and vet prospective sub-consultants or sub-contractors. The hardest part of the work is the exact area where most large businesses need the help identifying the prospective firms within each scope. CFR excels at the identification part particularly as it relates to Small Business, Disabled Veteran Business, Woman Owned Business, Disadvantaged Business, and other diverse and small business certified firms.

Vetting Process

One of the most important things to do in the vetting process, is to immediately confirm a firm’s certification referencing agency, expiration dates, certifications and the appropriate NAICS codes. Another very important part to this process, is to confirm their status as an entity and what type of entity they are. However, this is only the initial vetting to identifying firms that either still need to get certified or renew their certifications. Additional vetting would include confirming status of insurance, bonding, EMR Ratings (for construction projects), union/non-union, licenses, and other relevant information to the job.

Common Contractor Concerns

Once a contract is awarded, the prime contractor has the burden of establishing the policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the participation goal requirements of the contract. The use of the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program or Small Business Enterprise Program on the federal and state level is dictated by the funding source that a contracting agency receives and uses for its construction projects. As a result, some state agencies and authorities use both the federal and state programs and some city agencies will use the federal, state, or city programs for their contract work. For the typical construction contractor, the presence of multiple funding sources on a project poses difficulties as contracting agencies interpret these various regulations differently and what is acceptable under one program may be considered a crime under another program. CFR & Associates can help you navigate these difficult questions and help you reach your construction project plans.

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