CFR & Associates was founded in 2004 to help the small and diverse business owner grow their business through coaching. Originally, CFR only offered coaching services designed to assist the business owner or CEO in identifying weaknesses in their organization and developing strategies to break through and overcome them. We have since logged over 10,000 hours of executive level coaching, which remains a primary core competency.

What CFR realized is that the CORE VALUES, MISSION, and VISION held by its CEO was and is the most important factor in a business built to last. So, we created our copyrighted Selection and Retention of STAR Employee program to select employees rather than settle for employees. The selection process means that the prospective employee will hold similar core values, beliefs in your mission, and a desire to contribute to the success and achievement of the business goals and vision.

When the economy took a turn the wrong way in 2008, CFR developed its Government Contract Consultancy service to assist its clientele in expanding their footprint into the government arena, since the private sector commerce had virtually dried up. Since then, we have successfully garnered millions of dollars in contracts for our now 60 company portfolios, which is continuing to grow. Adding the special twist to our government contracting consulting offers a Small Business Veteran Contracting Preference. Making it affordable for
companies to utilize and capitalize on CFR’s expertise, without the big risk and price tag of other consultancies.

CFR believes that our client’s success is a true measure of our success. That as we partner with them, we will create that success, which will touch their business, employees, their families and that of their communities. CLOSE