Our Mission, Vision & Values

Words on a virtual blackboard: Our mission, our vision, our values point to success

CFR & Associates …

Mission: To create wealth for the business owner, so they can hire veterans, invest in the lives of their employees and in the community while leaving a legacy of success.

Vision: To be a nationally influential advocacy for veteran’s rights and veterans, winning large government contracts thereby reducing veteran unemployment and creating wealth for veteran business owners.

Core Values:

  • Holds at its highest core value, to honor God and duty to the United States of America. “Duty to God and Country.”
  • Values its clients by putting them first and by serving them with excellent client service.
  • On time payments for its corporate liabilities, with expectations that its clients will do the same.
  • Support the Veteran community with all its capability, capacity, and credibility especially in the areas of legislation and advocacy.

Company Values:

  • Accountability to Almighty God; Understanding, God is the reason for our existence, and we seek to honor him in all we do.
  • Family is the beneficiary part of our business.
  • Honesty is the only way to conduct business.
  • Humility in everything we do
  • Our service is always about the client, their needs and helping their businesses to be successful.
  • Excellent client Service is the key to our business growth.
  • Excellence is the only option.
  • Performance at the highest level without explanations or excuses.
  • Respect and fair dealings with our clients, employees, shareholders, vendors and everyone we meet.

Our History


Here is a short interview with our CEO, William Osgood that will tell you more about our core competencies and how we help our clients create wealth so they can invest in the lives of their employees and hire veterans