Executive Coaching

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At CFR & Associates we have learned that executives and business owners all have several things in common: the management of business operations; hiring, retention and selection of employees; and making critical decisions for the businesses, while at the same time, having to ensure that the revenue exceeds the expenditures.

Selecting, hiring and retaining quality employees in a small business is an area that leaders face that can either make or break the business. Good employees add value, bring in customers, create innovations to make the business better, and create opportunities for more business, while an employee who doesn’t meet the above criteria can both be a drain and liability for the business.

An finally, another important issue every executive face is that we all have the same amount of time in one day. Learning good time management skills, which we call Priority Management™ and how you use that time, will determine the success you will enjoy.

What We Offer:

  • Seminars, leadership forums for CEOs
  • Comprehensive Coaching Packages
  • Systems and Processes Plan Template
  • A Star Package (a guaranteed hiring package)
  • List of Recommended Books for Reading.

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Other CFR services that can help your business.

  • Hiring Star Employees: Selection and Retention of Star Employees is a program that has been designed and developed over the last three years while logging over 5,000 client hours with 200 plus companies. See how we can help you hire great employees.
  • Business Coaching: Business Coaching has one the most misunderstood descriptions in today’s business world. Business coaching is a process of working with a business and its individual leaders to eliminate breakdowns that cost their company time, effort, energy and money. Our proven processes can help.

*** CFR’s Recommended Reading List:  A suggested list of books to help your business grow by developing core behaviors and values.